Dance better, longer and stronger!

Here at Dance Workz UK, we supply a range of specially selected dance products including flexistretcher, designed for conditioning your muscles and improving your dancing technique, to help you become the best dancer you can be!

Dancing is an art form. But it also requires flexibility, strength and balance. Often, requiring you to push your body to its absolute limit.

Our professional dancing products have been sourced from all areas of the globe - chosen specifically for their unique ability to boost your flexibility, balance and performance, and enhance your dance training.
They can also be used for other sports that require you to activate and strengthen the same muscle groups in your feet, legs and core.

In our Online Shop, we stock a range of massage balls to improve the condition of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your dancing feet - to release tension and eliminate pain; Dance instruction DVD's and Abdominal Workout DVD's, so you can practice your dance technique and work on strengthening your core when you're not training. And a variety of different dance flexibility products such as the Flexistretcher and FLX Ball to help you push your flexibility that all-important inch or two further. Or if you feel like you could use some help with your twists and turns or pirouettes, you may want to checkout our ingenious Pirouette Master which, unlike other pirouette training aids, is designed to help you practice 'real' pirouettes and turn in releve.

But if you're really serious about improving your dance technique and maximising your flexibility, we also offer Easy Flexibility Training; a system designed by exercise science master, Paul Zaichik. Paul uses Kinesiological Stretching Techniques to help you transform your flexibility and hugely improve your dancing performance.

We're extremely passionate about dance and proud to stock some of the best dancing products available anywhere in the UK.

Happy Shopping!